Talks to make you think. Talks to make you laugh. Usually both.

Chris is increasingly in demand as a speaker, offering a refreshingly different perspective on some traditional themes such as:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Creativity

... and his highly popular ‘signature’ talk, which inspired the book: “In business/life, are you the Sheep, the Shepherd or the Dog?”

Chris brought a lively breath of fresh country air to our breakfast meeting, sharing with us his many experiences as a shepherd and drawing analogies with the business world. His talk was illustrated with some fascinating and amusing video clips showing how his company challenges teams to test their own leadership and communication skills whilst herding sheep. The fact that many people remember Chris' talks bears testimony to its uniqueness and relevance, not to mention his humorous way of putting across extremely salient points to all audiences.

Simon Cooper, Partner, Monahans accountants

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Raising the Baa

Chris’ company Raising the Baa runs inspirational, fun and practical programmes for mainly corporate clients. He draws on his unique skill-set of shepherding and business coaching to help individuals build the best team in their field. Clients include Waitrose, Nationwide, and Burnley FC.
Every day was different, even with the same task...the results coming back to our environment here have been unbelievable

Matt Fesser, UK & IE HR Operations Manager, IKEA

As an adaptive exercise I thought it was great … if you are operating with teams who have to adapt to a changing environment, this is a really good learning experience

Nick Obolensky, CEO, Complex Adaptive Leadership Ltd

Involves absolutely everybody... good to bring people together... absolutely loved it and great fun

Stella Leatherby, HR Manager, Sainsbury’s

I hired Chris as a speaker for a breakfast event and I’m so glad I did, he managed to get everyone animated about the subject of team building, which at an early morning event is always a challenge! He is incredibly inspiring and obviously passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm can’t help but rub off on his audience