About Chris

Chris Farnsworth

Born and bred in London, Chris’ early ambition was to be a farmer but perhaps this was an idyllic childhood dream? Despite the hard work, the adverse British weather and the likelihood of low remuneration, he pursued his passion and made a few opportunities to work in the countryside on farms. This experience earned him a place at Hampshire’s agricultural college, Sparsholt.

Chris did not discover his talent with sheep until he travelled to Australia and New Zealand where he sampled the lifestyle of a shepherd. He returned to the UK and started a life as a contract shepherd, managing other people’s flocks as well as having his own sheep. At the peak of his shepherding career, when Chris looked after 6500 sheep with the aid of just two dogs, however, his business took a nose-dive as a result of Foot and Mouth disease.

Without any other job skills, Chris turned his hand to direct selling! Initially promoting aloe vera products to help animals and their owners with their health, Chris built up an international team of Forever business owners through perseverance, mentoring and coaching. As a regional trainer for the company, Chris often used analogies from the shepherding world, illustrating the synergy with business, in particular how individuals interact.

With a desire to give back to the community, a chance meeting with the founder of a local youth charity Inner Flame led to the creation of ‘team building with sheep’. The experience challenges a team of people to herd sheep, doing the job of both shepherd and dog. Commercial organisations soon became interested and Raising the Baa was launched in 2012.

Away from sheep, Chris enjoys travel, hiking, photography, a glass of good red wine or his local 6X beer and creating really useful stuff from recycled materials (you should see the garage!).

Chris lives in rural Wiltshire with his partner, sheepdog in training and several flocks of sheep.